• Buy/Sell Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Solid Trust Pay & Payza in PAKISTAN
  • Xchange LR (Usd) to Payza (Usd) (Instant Xchange)
  • Xchange Payza (Usd) to LR (Usd)(Instant Xchange)
  • Manual Xchange Services (PZ < LR < PM < STP < MB < PP & WMZ)
  • Manual Xchange Services (PZ < LR < PM < STP < MB < PP & WMZ)
  • Buy Mobile Cards via Liberty Reserve & Perfect Money (Only for PAKISTANI)
  • Buy Mobile Cards via Payza & Solid Trust Pay (Only for PAKISTANI)
  • Buy Mobile Cards via EgoPay & Money Bookers (Only for PAKISTANI)

Welcome to DollarforSale.com !

DollarForSale is an E-Currency Xchanger. We offer automatic and manual exchange services for customers . Our service is to Xchange your money from any of the available payment processors to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee.

We intend to be the best exchanger and offer you a stress free experience. Additionally, we also able to allow you to Buy and Sell E-Currencies with Bank Transfer (LR, PM, Payza, EP, STP, MB, PP & WMZ).

Our automatic system for exchange Libertyreserve, PerfectMoney, Payza, Egopay & Solid Trust Pay allows to complete your order within seconds because the whole process is fully automated from the beginning to the end.

Concerning manual exchange services (LR, PM, Payza, EP, STP, MB, PP & WMZ), the process is the same but your order will be completed manually by our team. Manual Exchange are usually completed within 24 to 48 hours .

Our mission is to ensuring highest customer satisfaction by providing best online E-Currencies Exchange, Buy and Sell services to the clients.


  • WebMoney

  • LibertyReserve

  • OKpay

  • Payza

Now You can Buy / Sell : LR, PM, EP, STP in PAK ( Fast & Lowest Rate )

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