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i will provide Approved Adsense Account.

Approved Adsense account  Approval Process! specially For Asian countries like Pakistan,India,China,Nepal, vietnam,cambodia, Bangladesh etc. Where people faces many problems for getting Adsense approval.

If you are searching to make Money from Google Adsense program or want to genuine Adsense account via Website and your Blogspot Blogs, You have came up to the right place,  We will be going to give you 100% Legit  Adsense account.

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1)-Do I Need website to get this Account

No we use our own website to get the account Approved.  Once after account delivered  you can you it on any of your website.

2)-Can I Get Multi Accounts

Yes you can use same payee name but different address.

3)-Can I Get Approval For Any Country

Yes I Will Create All Countries Adsense  Accounts .

4)-Can I Use Fake Address

No Google will send you a pin code after first threshold $10 to verify the address.

5)-Can I Apply With The Banned Payee Name And Address

Yes, you can apply.

6)-Will Any Account Get Banned

No until and unless you break the T&C of Google.

7)-What Is The Refund Policy For Adsense Account

After Account delivery there is no refund .

 Delivery Time 7 To 15 Days.Some Countries Take A Month.